About Primera de Canutillo

The Church is a bilingual ministry reaching out with love to Canutillo and the surrounding communities in the states of Chihuahua --Mexico, New Mexico and Texas.

The doors are always open to all who wish to grow in the Lord and minister within and outside the congregation. Regardless of your social or economical status, education, nationality, gender, race, ethnicity or cultural origin, there is a place for you.

The Church began as a Mission in 1967 sponsored by the First Baptist Church in Canutillo. It was formally organized on August 6, 1977. As time went by, we realized that the new generations were losing emotional, intellectual and spiritual connection with the ministry of the Word. You see, they were receiving education in English; therefore, their Spanish vocabulary was very limited. They could sustain a simple conversation in Spanish, but could not follow the teaching or preaching in that language. Thanks to the church’s vision, the English ministry began some 18 years ago, and it has made a positive impact.

The Lord has permitted us to capture the attention, trust and hearts of the children and youth who represent the present and future of the church. A very high percentage of our youth have gone off to college and have returned as professionals and are serving in the church, while others have gone to serve the Lord in different capacity in the nation.

After 30 years in the community we have had many structural and infrastructure changes, as well as ecclesiastical. Many families have gone off to establish in other places and others have come to serve here. However, one thing has not changed: Thanks to the Lord, we have remained faithful to his Word. The doctrinal earthquakes, hurricanes and floods of the denomination have become an embarrassment to the work of the Lord, but God’s assignment for his church is for us to be faithful to his call, the mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ and the infallible Word. They are immutable.

There are still many goals to reach, many horizons to visualize, many rivers to cross and many mountains to climb. We can not live on the glories or failures of the past. The best days are still to come. Let us press toward the goal of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!